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EROKAY Kegel Exercise Balls for Women - Ben Wa Balls - Kegels On a String - Kegel Exercises - Silicone Bladder Control Devices - Pelvic Floor Toners Weights Exercisers - Kegel Eggs- Vaginal Exercise - Increased Orgasmic Intensity - Color Green

Kegal balls are a vaginal exerciser, also called a kegel exerciser. The word kegel usually refers to a method of exercising the love muscles, but it was named after a gynecologist Arnold Kegel, M.D. who invented the exercises. A person does these exercises for a number of reasons such as to improve orgasms or to improve bladder control.

Exercise Methods

There are several different ways to use it for kegel exercising. Here are some of the different methods for the smart balls which are a pair of kegel balls connected together with a cord at the end.

1. The most common, insert the balls into the vagina and contract on them in repetitions. You can insert both balls or just one ball and leave the other one out.

2. Insert the balls and tug on the cord. As you tug on the cord, flex your muscles to keep the balls from being pulled out.

3. After putting the balls in, try to use your muscles to push the balls out without using the cord.

Fun Tips

1. Leave the kegel balls in all day and every time you feel the weights in the balls vibrate due to movement, do a contraction.

2. If you have a vibrator, use it to tug on the cord to give the balls some extra vibration.


this design is without vibrating function or any idea about "with counter weights inside"and just solid kegel ball on a sting


ball diameter:3.5cm


EROKAY is a US registered trademark and all EROKAY items are manufactured in a FDA registered facility.Our team(Fonder Mols) are authorised distributor on Amazon website. Beware of counterfeits made

  • A gorgeously functional take on the classic Ben Wa ball, Tear-Drop shaped balls combines a weighty, kegel strengthening design with an arousing feel
  • Your eyes will be immediately drawn to the uniquely ergonomic shape of this tool, each ball is teardrop shaped and made from nedical grade silicone. They're perfectly shaped to fit inside you comfortably and pleasurably
  • without vibrating function and just solid kegel ball on a sting
  • sitting precisely in place for maximum muscle strengthening. encouraging you to keep them in, and in turn toning up the muscles that are responsible for orgasm and sexual control Increases orgasmic intensity
  • suitable for the beginner

List Price: $ 23.01
Price: $ 13.98

Kegel balls with string- Duotone Ben Wa Balls with string (PURPLE)

What Are Kegel Balls?

•Kegel Balls are small ball shaped weights that are used since ancient times for sexual stimulation (by inserting them into the vagina or anus) and to exercise the pelvic floor muscles (Kegel exercises).

•They are also known by various other names including Ben Wa balls, pleasure balls, Kegel spheres or orgasm balls. Kegel balls are usually recommended by obstetricians and gynecologists to improve the elasticity of the vaginal muscles and for better control of the urinary bladder.

•Using Kegel balls helps in strengthening the muscles of the vagina, thereby improving sexual performance. Moreover, when present in the vagina, the balls constantly massage the vaginal walls; this feeling has been associated with intense sexual arousal.

What Are the Benefits of Kegel Balls?

• There are multiple benefits of using Kegel Balls. Some of these benefits are described below:

• They help in making the Kegel or vaginal muscles strong.

•They increase the sensations, thereby, causing intense sexual arousal.

•They help in reaching orgasm much easily.

•The control of urinary bladder is improved.

•They can even cause erection of the clitoris during sexual intercourse.

•They help in heightening the sexual pleasure of both the partners.

•They also help in increasing your sex drive.

•You develop increased control of your vaginal muscles and will be able to contract them rhythmically during sexual intercourse.

•They help in making childbirth easier. Moreover, after delivery your muscles will come back to their original shape more easily and quickly.

  • Assists women with kegel exercises for a better intimate experience, prevention of incontinence, and faster postnatal recovery
  • Set of 2 different weights to graduate through the levels of resistance: 34mm / 38g -Single Ball and 30mm / 60g - Moderate to Advanced Double Kegel
  • Strengthen your PC Muscles for improved bladder control, and pelvic health.Benwa or Kegel Balls are weighted to provide resistance to build a healthy pelvic floor strength gradually and efficiently
  • Made from Medical Grade Silicone, Phlkalate Free, Latex Free, Hypoallergenic, BPA Free, Dioxon Free. Hygienic and 100% Waterproof. Seamless silicone - You can expect effortless cleaning.

List Price: $ 70.00
Price: $ 20.00

Baoding Balls Chinese Health Exercise Stress Balls Chrome Color

Polished metal health balls to stimulate the accupressure points in your hands which in turn promotes better blood circulation and are believed to relax muscles and joints and provide general well being.

These steel balls are made of base metal, a metal comonly used in jewelery. They measure 1 1/2 inches in diameter and each has a pleasant bell sound within.

Hold these balls in one hand and rotate the two in circles in the palm of your hand. Simple directions are included.

Brocade box may be blue, red or green.

  • Dimension: 1-1/2in Diameter
  • chimes in each ball.
  • * Box Color might vary

Price: $ 3.99

vibe42 Kegel Exercises For Women - Duotone Ben Wa Balls with string - Silicone Bladder Control Devices, Complimentary eBook with Beginners Exercise Regime, Color Purple

Do you get that sinking feeling when you sneeze or cough and you couldn't stop the leak?

Although they are simple devices, your new vibe42 Kegel Exercise Balls sit discreetly concealed inside the Pelvic Floor area during daily activities to provide a solid object for you to flex around to tone and exercise your pelvic floor. Silent and subtle vibrations are caused by the weighted inner ball that helps to prompt your PC muscles to respond as you move.
You'll experience peace of mind as vibe42 Kegel Exercise Balls are made from the smooth medical grade silicone, non-toxic materials.
So why buy vibe42 Kegel Exercise Balls? Ergonomically designed for function, hygiene, comfort and easy maintenance, you'll notice the seamless design makes your new kegel balls effortless to clean.
Ideal for toning the pelvic muscles and preparing the birth canal for Childbirth, Kegel Balls may help you regain pelvic floor strength and tone for a faster recovery from Childbirth. Kegel Balls act as a preventative measure to avoid age related Urinary Incontinence.
There are 2 different weights/sizes to choose from 32g Single exerciser and 52.5g Double exerciser ideal for taking the beginner to moderate and from moderate to more challenging advanced pelvic floor workout. BONUS Complimentary eBook full of useful expert tips and beginners Kegel Exercise Regime. Click the Add to Cart Button now.

  • Combine health and fitness with Duotone Ben Wa Balls for Women. Kegels offer numerous Benefits!
  • Improve your PC muscle strength and tone for improved Bladder Control, and Pelvic Floor Health. Benwa Kegel Balls are weighted to provide resistance.
  • Kegel Exercisers are recommended by Physicians as excellent preparation for and recovery from child-birth. Kegel Exercise Balls are ideal for the prevention of Urinary Incontinence.
  • Set of 2 different weights to graduate through the levels of resistance - 30mm 32g - Beginner Single Kegel - and 34mm 52.5g - Moderate to Advanced Double Kegel - including string for safe insertion and removal. Complimentary eBook and Hygiene Pouch included.
  • vibe42 Duotone Kegel Exercise Balls are silent, super comfortable, discreet and body-safe. Made from Medical Grade Silicone, Phlalate Free, Latex Free, Hypoallergenic, BPA Free, Dioxon Free. Hygienic and Waterproof. Seamless silicone - You can expect effortless cleaning. Wont rust like Metal Ben Wa Balls!

Price: $ 25.91

Secretly Yours 3/4" Kegel Ben Wa Balls and Pouch

The Secretly Yours ben wa balls are small weighted balls used for kegel exercises. When inserted, you contract the pelvic floor muscles to hold them in exercising and strengthening the muscles. They can be used discreetly anytime of the day. Doing kegel exercises daily will tighten the pelvic floor muscles preventing incontinence and improving intimacy. This set consists of the 3/4" balls. Women over 30 and women who have had children may want to start with the Secretly Yours 1" balls first and work towards using the 3/4" balls. Women under 30 without children generally can start with 3/4" balls.

  • Size: 3/4" per ball. Weight: 1.9 oz/pair
  • Made of safe hypoallergenic medical grade stainless steel
  • Comes with black and silver brocade keepsake pouch with zipper and clasp
  • Assists women with kegel exercises for a better intimate experience, prevention of incontinence, and faster postnatal recovery
  • Discreet and fun to use


Beginner Ben Wa Balls with String (like used in 50 Shades of Grey)

Ben Wa Balls are small balls that are inserted into the vagina to assist with kegel exercises and for sexual pleasure. Kegel exercises have been shown to be very effective at strengthening the pelvic floor and vaginal muscles. What does this mean? You'll be tighter and stronger which, aside from the obvious sexual benefits that you and your partner will enjoy, can also help prevent or repair a myriad of issues that women commonly have after pregnancy. Use: 1. Find a quiet place where you won't be disturbed and get comfortable 2. Use lubrication to help the balls glide in 3. Lay down and slowly insert the balls 4. Hold the balls inside of you by tensing your leg muscles and / or doing kegel exercises If you're feeling adventurous you might have thoughts of wearing them while going about your daily business. But, we definitely recommend you get very used to them before you consider trying something like that. It might not be as easy to keep them in for longer periods of time as you think so build up to it slowly. Some women worry that they might get stuck inside the vagina, especially when they see the stainless steel Ben Wa balls that aren't attached by a string. Don't worry though, there's no place for them to go. Sometimes it may take a little more effort than others to remove them but they'll come out. That said, let's be clear that this only applies to the vagina. If you feel compelled to use them elsewhere, they can and will get stuck. Sanitizing Your Ben Wa Balls: You should always thoroughly clean the Ben Wa balls before and after each use. You can run warm / hot water and wash and rinse them with anti-bacterial hand-soap or whatever

  • Assists women with kegel exercises for a better intimate experience, prevention of incontinence, and faster postnatal recovery
  • Comes with black satin pouch to store ben wa balls
  • Similar to those used in 50 Shades of Grey ~ The Silver Stringed Ball
  • Beginner Size 1.25 inch plastic Duotone ben wa balls with string
  • Each ball has a smaller ball inside which moves when you do, causing mild sensation

Price: $ 19.99

IntiFit Premium Kegel Balls Exercise Training Kit - Silicone Weighted Ben Wa Balls on String - Duotone Balls - Pelvic Floor Exerciser and Vaginal Weights - For Bladder Control and Enhanced Intimacy - Training Manual and Noir Sachet Incl. (Rose)

You have found the highest quality, most luxurious, and pleasurable exercise training kit available. If you are new to pelvic floor exercises, or even if you have some experience, you are going to love the silky smooth comfort of the velvet brushed medical silicone exterior, and the ergonomic design of these new silicone coated kegel exercise devices.
With your purchase, you will be part of a growing number of women who are going to enjoy the benefits of having toned and fit vaginal wall and pelvic floor muscles. Thanks to their unique kegel ball design, there is no other workout quite as pleasurable and that yields as much satisfaction and medical benefit, as a work out with IntiFit's kegel exercise devices. Enjoy.
Waterproof: 100%
Materials: Medical Grade Velvet Soft Silicone & ABS
Size: 34mm(S)&30mm(D)
Weight: 40g(S)&62g(D)
IntiFit Premium Kegel Exercise Devices can benefit women of all ages by creating strength and tone in vaginal wall and pelvic floor muscles that enhance a number of intimate situations, and by providing a therapeutic benefit for many pelvic floor conditions. When used properly, these kegel balls have the ability to:

-help cure urinary stress incontinence
-fight vaginal and rectal prolapse
-maintain pelvic floor health
-helps with intimacy
The product carries a manufacturer warranty for 12 months for replacement of all faults and defects. Warranty is void if fault or defect is caused by misuse or improper handling. Any warranty or guarantee is null and void if product has been damaged.

  • 100% MEDICAL GRADE VELVET SOFT SILICONE EXTERIOR Waterproof non-porous and easy to clean kegel balls, Pelvic Floor Muscle Strengthening System with 6 Step Training Program - designed by gynecologists and physical therapists, and a Noir Hygiene Sachet, all included in the box
  • DOCTOR RECOMMENDED Helps fight vaginal and rectal prolapse, and has the ability to lessen and sometimes cure urinary stress incontinence. Hypoallergenic and Hygenic; Phlalate, BPA, Dioxon, and latex free. Seamless silicone design and simple to clean
  • INTIFIT KINETIC CUEING MECHANISM - A small weighted ball inside the kegel ball will provide movement biofeedback, with subtle vibrations reminding you to flex your pelvic floor muscles during activity
  • NEW ERGONOMIC DESIGN yields ultimate comfort and pleasure like no other traditional Ben Wa or Kegel Ball set does. This is a new generation of kegel exercise device designed with comfort and pleasure in mind
  • ENHANCES INTIMACY - Your spouse or significant other is going to love your new pelvic floor strength, and you are going to love using them

Price: $ 29.95

Double Happiness 1 inch Stainless Steel Ben Wa Balls

These Ben Wa balls are large size 1 inch balls. Solid core Stainless Steel balls are great for Kegel exercise. Kegel exercises are recommended by gynecologist for tightening and rejuvenation. Each ball weighs about 2 ounces, using together will provide 4 ounces of solid weight. Strengthening also helps with minor incontinence. Comes in pretty Oriental storage bag, complete with directions. Easy to use, easy to clean. Balls are manufactured in USA, with imported packaging. For health reasons, returns are not accepted.

  • Large size 1 inch Stainless Steel solid core balls
  • For Kegel use~each ball weighs 2 ounces.
  • Includes instructions and Oriental storage bag
  • Use for doctor recommended Kegel exercises
  • Tighten, tone and rejuvenate

Price: $ 18.99

Small Golden Stainless Steel Kegel Ben Wa Balls with Passion Lubricant and Pouch

This delicious set of shining golden BenWa balls are forged from high quality stainless steel, providing a slick, non-porous surface and great resistance for training and strengthening your pelvic floor muscles. With use, you can enjoy stronger, heightened sexual sensitivity, and greater tightness. Think of it as a workout for your most personal muscles! These smaller balls require more resistance to keep in place, providing more of a challenge. This set of two balls comes in an attractive brocaded zippered pouch for discreet storage. Measurements: 0.7 inches in diameter. Material: Stainless steel.

  • Forged from high quality stainless steel, providing a slick, non-porous surface
  • Comfortable and Easy to Use
  • 0.7 inches in diameter and made of stainless steel
  • Includes free Passion lube

List Price: $ 29.99
Price: $ 19.90

Double Happiness Petite Elite 1/2 Inch Stainless Steel Ben Wa Kegel Balls

These petite stainless steel solid core balls are 1/2 inch diameter. These small ben wa balls are about the size of a small marble. Perfect model for women who have not had childbirth, or are looking for advanced tightening training. Balls are made in the USA, and are easy to use and easy to clean. See package for instructions for use. Doctors recommend Kegel exercise to tone and rejuvenate the pelvic muscles.

  • Petite size 1/2 inch stainless steel solid core ben wa balls
  • see package for instructions
  • Includes silky Oriental storage bag
  • Stainless steel balls are made in USA
  • Excellent model for Kegel toning

Price: $ 11.99

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