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Zensation Ben Wa Balls/Surgical Stainless Steel (3/4" Inch)

These premium quality surgical grade Stainless steel ben wa balls are made in the USA with the finest metal giving them a superior smooth silky finish. They are solid Stainless steel so that you will get many years of use without needing a replacement. Sanitizing them is a snap because they are easily cleaned by using soap and water, alcohol, or even boiling the balls. They are perfect for kegel exercises in order to strengthen the pelvic floor which will induce tightening and improve performance or any incontinence issues you may have. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with our ben wa balls as they are of the highest quality and the most sanitary product on the market. People refer to ben wa balls in many different ways and might use terms such as ben wah balls, ben-wa balls, benwa balls, ben was balls, benoit balls, or kegel balls but they are all referring to the same Type of product used for kegel pelvic floor exercises.

  • The original zensation ben wa balls
  • Two surgical grade stainless steel ben wa balls and a Satin storage bag
  • Don't be fooled by others that offer chrome steel or even coated plastic as they can be unsanitary and dangerous
  • Beginners should Use the 1Size and advanced users prefer the 3/4Balls
  • Very easy to clean - ben wa balls with strings can be virtually impossible to sanitize

Price: $ 8.95

Baoding Balls Chinese Health Exercise Stress Balls Chrome Color

Polished metal health balls to stimulate the accupressure points in your hands which in turn promotes better blood circulation and are believed to relax muscles and joints and provide general well being.

These steel balls are made of base metal, a metal comonly used in jewelery. They measure 1 1/2 inches in diameter and each has a pleasant bell sound within.

Hold these balls in one hand and rotate the two in circles in the palm of your hand. Simple directions are included.

Brocade box may be blue, red or green.

  • Dimension: 1-1/2in Diameter
  • chimes in each ball.
  • * Box Color might vary

Price: $ 5.88

Shibari Kegel Dual Weighted High Grade Silicone Exercise Kit for Bladder Control and Pelvic Floor, Purple

The Shibari Pleasure Kegel Balls are perfect for beginners and experts alike. Made out of high grade silicone, these balls have a ridged designed for heightened stimulation and sensation. Exercise and tone your pelvic floor muscles in complete comfort. Contains a 2 pack set, 1 single ball and one double ball to fine tune your exercise routine. Doctor recommended and known to help improve bladder control, helps make childbirth and recovery easier, strengthen and tone muscle wall, enhance elasticity and overall better pelvic health.

  • Doctor recommended - Kegel exercises strengthen pelvic floor muscles improving bladder control and overall better pelvic health.
  • High Grade Silicone - The sleek ridged exterior of these Kegel exercisers are made from high grade silicone that is Phthalate Free, Latex Free, Hypoallergenic, BPA Free, and Dioxin Free.
  • 100% Waterproof and designed with comfort in mind. Safe for use with water based lubricants
  • Removable cord is velvety soft, designed for comfort, and makes it simple to remove
  • Variable, weighted set responds to natural movement, strengthening and toning as you move your body.

Price: $ 19.95

Blue Closinne Yin Yang Health Balls - Chinese Exercise Balls

Baoding balls, also called Chinese exercise balls, Chinese meditation balls, and Chinese medicine balls, are thought to have been created in Baoding, China, during the Ming dynasty. Baoding balls are a tool for injury recovery or as an exercise tool to improve manual dexterity and strength. They consist of two or more balls which are rotated to orbit in the hand. The iron ball system is the greatest of BaoDing prefectures three treasures. Long throughout history, renowned within China and other countries, this is BaoDing prefectures traditional product. It was first produced in the Northern Song Dynasty, this item of Buddhist martial arts.

  • Blue Closinne Yin Yang Health Balls
  • Chinese Exercise balls

Price: $ 9.99

PC Muscle Exercise Weights - Medical Grade Doctor Approved Stainless Steel Pelvic Floor Exercise Kit For Women - Tighten Your Pelvic Floor Stop Leaking and Prevent Prolapse (30g 70g and 130g set)

Supercharge your pelvic floor by using these premium weights so you'll stop peeing when you laugh, leak when you sneeze, and wear panty liners to keep dry when you cough.

As recommended by doctors and scientists at the Mayo Clinic and Ob-Gyns around the world, PC muscle exercises provide these great benefits...

- Prevent urinary incontinence and increases bladder control

- Helps reduce chances of prolapse

- Tones and tightens your pelvic muscles

- Promotes healing after giving birth and having children

After only a few weeks of using the weights to intensify PC muscles you will that you'll...

- Get more sleep because you won't wake up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night

- Won't need to cross your legs when you cough

- Will no longer get wet or leak when sneezing

- Feel confident when you exercise and work out

Ships in discreet packaging and includes silk storage pouch, instructions on how to properly use them with answers to frequently asked questions.

Each 3/4" weight is 30 grams / 1 ounce

Each 1" weight is 70 grams / 2.5 ounces

Each 1 1/4" weight is 130 grams / 4.5 ounces

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  • Have confidence when you sneeze, cough, laugh, or exercise. Tones and tightens your pelvic floor.
  • Made with the same materials as medical implants. They are hypoallergenic, non-toxic, does not contain lead, and will never rust or corrode.
  • 100% sanitary and smooth. Does not have seams or strings to collect bacteria and cause infections and irritations.
  • Multiple sizes for your comfort and unique body. Comes with two 30g weights, two 70g weights and two 130g weights for beginner and advanced levels.
  • ObGyn recommended and researched is backed by scientifically proven results.

Price: $ 36.95

Romantic Superior Women Kegel Exercise Kit for Pelvic Floor & Bladder Control Training Exercises Pelvic Beads Kit

Silicone Pelvic Beads/Ben Wa Balls with String for Pelvic Health – Pink

• This product is a set of two balls, designed to provide assistance to women in performing pelvic exercises.

• The two balls are of slightly different sizes, with the single option weighing 38g and measuring 34mm. The double ball option has a higher weight of 60g and slightly smaller dimensions of 30mm. The single ball is intended for beginners who can then graduate to the heavier double balls as their pelvic muscle strength improves. An integrated string ensures safe and easy removal.

•They are made from medical grade, safe and hygienic seamless silicone. This material makes them smooth and safe for use. The balls are extremely easy to clean, simply needing to be rinsed in warm water and washed with anti-bacterial hand soap.

•Performing pelvic floor or kegel exercises with these highly effective Pelvic beads improves pelvic health, including bladder control. That’s why doctors recommend the use of these balls. You can use them as well both in preparation of and recovery from childbirth in order to gradually and effectively build pelvic floor strength and health.

•Simple to use, Pelvic Beads assist women perform effective kegel exercises for the promotion of pelvic health including the prevention of incontinence and faster postnatal recovery.

•Users can enjoy using these Pelvic beads confident that they are phthalate (free, latex free, hypoallergenic, BPA free, dioxin free, hygienic and 100% waterproof.

•The product comes with a simple and easy to follow user manual that provides guidance on use, as well as cleaning and storage tips.

  • Assists women with exercises in increasing pelvic health, prevention of incontinence and faster postnatal recovery
  • Made from medical grade silicone, phthalate free, latex free, hypoallergenic, BPA free, dioxin free
  • Strengthen your PC muscles for improved bladder control and pelvic health
  • Set of 2 different weights to graduate through the levels of resistance: 34mm / 38g -single ball and 30mm / 60g - moderate to advanced double

Price: $ 19.99

Better Bliss Kegel Exercise Kit for Women - Medical Silicone Pelvic Floor Weight Set- Bladder Control Device for Pelvic Floor Exercise

Congratulations on finding the highest quality kegel exerciser training kit available on Amazon. You are going to love the smooth satin comfort of this medical silicone kegel exerciser training kit. Also known as kegel exercise devices, you'll be able to train with our two level kit to improve your bladder control.

Latex, BPA and Dioxon Free
Medical Grade Silicone & ABS
Two Sizes: 30mm & 34mm
Two Weights: 32g and 52g

When used properly, these devices have the ability to:
Maintain pelvic floor health
Help recover faster from childbirth
Regain tightness and strength with pelvic floor muscles
Aid in elasticity of vaginal muscles
Help with urinary stress incontinence

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Buy with confidence! We offer a satisfaction guarantee, no questions asked.

  • IMPROVE PELVIC MUSCLE STRENGTH - Our Kegel Device Kit has a Simple 6 Step Training Program. Weighted for Beginners and Advanced Users. See results in a matter of weeks!
  • STORAGE POUCH INCLUDED - Discreet Pouch for Safe Storage After Use. Simply Remove Device by Tailed End for Ease, and No Fear of Complicated Removal.
  • RECOMMENDED BY DOCTORS - Physicians Agree That Kegel Exercisers Help Maintain Pelvic Floor Health
  • ERGONOMIC and EASY TO CLEAN - The Weighted Device Responds to Kinetic Cues to Work with Subtle Vibrations as Your Body Moves. Seamless Construction Allows for Easy Clean-Up.
  • 100% WATERPROOF EXTERIOR - Made with Medical Grade Silicone. Our kegel exercisers have a smooth finish, with no parts to assemble. BPA, Latex, Phlalate, and Dioxin Free.

Price: $ 17.97

Silver Stringed Chinese Health~ Baoding Balls~Benoit with Medical Lubricant

These silver stringed balls are silicone Benoit Duotone balls. The plastic 1.25 inch balls have a smaller ball inside. Excellent model to use for exercises. Balls are 1.25 inches in diameter with string, and weigh 2 ounces. Great for beginners to advanced users. Strengthen your Goddess within.

  • Silver Duotone Plastic Balls with string~therapeutic strengthening
  • 2 ounces~1.25 inch diameter~hygienic Silicone
  • As read about in current bestselling literature
  • Duotone balls create toning resistance~increase your Chi
  • As suggested by physical therapists and doctors to strengthen

Price: $ 23.99

Ben Wah Balls 2-pcs Set, Undrilled, Large Size 1.2' Diameter, Black Obsidian Gemstone, for Kegel Exercises to Train and Strengthen Pelvic Floor Muscles to Counter Urine Incontinence, by Genuine Jade

Most Ben Wa balls on the market are made of metal, plastics (silicon) or glass.
This pair of Ben Wa balls are made of 100% natural and genuine black obsidian gemstone. Comes with a certificate of authenticity and a beautiful purple velvet jewelry pouch.

Ben Wa balls, also known as Burmese bells, Orgasm balls, rin-no-tama, Venus balls or Geisha balls are small balls used for sexual stimulation (by insertion into the vagina). They are used by inserting them into the vagina and using the Kegel muscles to hold them in, stimulating movement and/or vibration. Usage of Ben Wa balls to train and strengthen pelvic floor muscles can have many benefits including counter stress urine incontinence. It is possible to leave Ben Wa balls in one's vagina all day, or use them while seated in a rocking chair, for an effect that some find pleasurable and an easy exercise.
Ben Wa balls had been used to increase the strength of the pelvic floor muscles, much as Taoist sexual practices has been used for centuries, and the Kegel exercises are used today recommended by gynecologists and obstetricians to increase vaginal elasticity and bladder control.
Mild urinary incontinence, such as that which occurs while coughing, laughing, or sneezing and occurs more often as women grow older, can be treated with Ben Wa balls, vaginal weights, or Kegel exercise.

Obsidian is a protective stone that shields against negativity, and absorbs harmful energies from the environment. This stone is believed to reduce the pain of arthritis, help joint problems, ease cramp, and aid digestion. This stone can also help in proper blood circulation and ease stomach problems. Obsidian is also excellent to assist you to release disharmony, resentment, fear and anger that have built up in daily life and work.

  • This pair of black obsidian gemstone Ben Wah balls is an excellent tool for women to train and strengthen pelvic floor muscles to counter urine incontinence.
  • Manually polished with outstanding finishing, without any chemical treatment or dyeing. Most Ben Wa balls on the market are made of metal, plastics (silicon) or glass. Obsidian is a powerful healing stone and cleanser, a perfect choice for Ben Wa balls.
  • Large size (30mm) (1.2 inch) diameter, undrilled, very east to clean.
  • This beautiful Ben Wa Ball has a powerful energy that resonates within both the heart chakra and the higher heart chakra, or thymus chakra, the area related to compassion.
  • Comes with a packing pouch and certificate of authenticity

Price: $ 19.99

Topsalon Natural Jade Egg For Kegel Exercise 3pcs(1set) Pelvic Floor Muscles Vaginal Exercise Yoni Egg Ben Wa Ball

suggested Usage:
To perform the kegel exercise, first empty your bladder.
Insert the jade egg and squeeze the muscles which you will feel as the jade egg or jade ben wa balls move.
This lifts the pelvic floor. Hold for a count of ten, then relax for a count of ten. Do 10 sets, three times a day.
The key to success is doing kegel exercise daily, regularly. When your pelvic floor improves and you get the results you want, do the exercise daily, at least once a day.
If your pelvic floor is in good health and you have good muscle tone,to keep these muscles strong simply insert the jade eggs or ben wa balls at least four times each week and wear them while you do your regular activities for 20 minutes.
For kegel exercise, start with the large jade eggs,then the medium jade egg. As your kegel muscles improve, you can change to the smallest jade egg.
About color: Color is natural green,for material is natural,so every piece is special and different,color is also will be lighter or dark,even dark green,yellow green,grey green and so on,also some maybe we still not see before for we don't know the next origin material will be show in what special green,if you have a very Rigorous color request,pls notice on it,these green xiu yan jade will be send at random on the green color what we have at the time when you take order:) but we can promise the material is same natural xiu yan jade stone

  • Material: Jade Stone
  • Ball Size : 50*30mm 40*30mm 30*20mm

Price: $ 14.00

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