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Secret Love™ 1" Silver Kegel Exercise Ben Wa Balls and Pouch

The Secret Love™ ben wa balls will be your secret to a tighter and healthier lifestyle! Ben wa balls are small weighted balls used for kegel exercises. When inserted, you contract the pelvic floor muscles to hold them in exercising and strengthening the muscles. They can be used discreetly anytime of the day. Doing kegel exercises daily will tighten the pelvic floor muscles preventing incontinence and improving intimacy. This set consists of the 1" balls. Women over 30 and women who have had children are suggested to start with the Secret Love 1" balls first and work towards using the 3/4" balls. Women under 30 without children generally can start with 3/4" balls.

  • Assists women with kegel exercises for a better intimate experience, prevention of incontinence, and faster postnatal recovery
  • Comes with black and silver brocade keepsake pouch with zipper and clasp
  • Discreet and fun to use
  • Made of safe hypoallergenic medical grade stainless steel
  • Size: 1" per ball. Weight: 4.6 oz/pair

Price: $ 12.95

Silver Vaginal and Anal Ben Wa Balls with Passion Lubricant

These set of silver ben wa balls can be used to tighten and strengthen pelvic floor muscles. Held together by a nylon cord, and tethered with a handy loop for easy retrieval, this set of twin pleasure balls are perfect for anal or vaginal use. With no batteries to replace or noisy motors, the benefits are easy to achieve. Just insert and go!

  • Two 1.3" Ben Wa Balls great for anal and vaginal use
  • Tightens pelvic floor muscles
  • Smooth ABS plastic material
  • Nylon Pull Cord

Price: $ 4.96

1" Beginner Ben Wa Balls for Kegel Exercises / Surgical Stainless Steel

These premium quality surgical grade stainless steel ben wa balls are made in the USA with the finest metal giving them a superior smooth silky finish. They are solid stainless steel so that you will get many years of use without needing a replacement. Sanitizing them is a snap because they are easily cleaned by using soap and water, alcohol, or even boiling the balls. They are perfect for kegel exercises in order to strengthen the pelvic floor which will induce vaginal tightening and improve sexual performance or any incontinence issues you may have.

We guarantee that you will be satisfied with our ben wa balls as they are of the highest quality and the most sanitary product on the market. People refer to ben wa balls in many different ways and might use terms such as ben wah balls, ben-wa balls, benwa balls, ben was balls, benoit balls, or kegel balls but they are all referring to the same type of product used for kegel pelvic floor exercises.

  • The Original Zensation Ben Wa Balls
  • Two surgical grade stainless steel ben wa balls and a discreet storage bag
  • Very easy to clean
  • Shipped in discreet packaging

Price: $ 12.85

Baoding Balls Chinese Health Exercise Stress Balls Chrome Color

Polished metal health balls to stimulate the accupressure points in your hands which in turn promotes better blood circulation and are believed to relax muscles and joints and provide general well being.

These steel balls are made of base metal, a metal comonly used in jewelery. They measure 1 1/2 inches in diameter and each has a pleasant bell sound within.

Hold these balls in one hand and rotate the two in circles in the palm of your hand. Simple directions are included.

Brocade box may be blue, red or green.

  • Dimension: 1-1/2in Diameter
  • chimes in each ball.
  • * Box Color might vary

List Price: $ 21.99
Price: $ 1.50

Kegel Exercise Balls for Women - Ben Wa Balls Set - Kegels - Sex - On a String - Weighted Vibration - Kegel Exercises - Free Ebook - Duotone - Silicone Bladder Control Devices - Pelvic Floor Stimulators Exercises Toners Weights Exercisers - Kegel Eggs - For Beginners - Highest Quality Made - Sold Exclusively By vibe42 USA - Fulfilment By Amazon

*Are you longing for an enhanced intimate life with the potential for stronger orgasms?
Do you get that sinking feeling when you sneeze or cough and you couldn't stop the leak?Although they are simple devices, your new vibe42™ Kegel Balls sit discreetly concealed inside the vagina during daily activities to provide pleasure while stimulating your pelvic floor muscles by providing a solid object for you to flex around. Silent and subtle vibrations are caused by the weighted inner ball that helps to prompt your PC muscles to respond as you move.

*You'll experience peace of mind as vibe42™ Kegel Balls are made from the velvet smooth medical grade silicone, non-toxic materials.
*So why buy vibe42™ Kegel Balls? Ergonomically designed for hygiene, comfort and easy maintenance, you'll notice the seamless design makes your new kegel balls effortless to clean.
*Ideal Personal Massager for women to improve Vaginal Tightness and Tone to enhance your Sex Life.
*Ideal for toning the pelvic muscles and preparing the birth canal for Childbirth, Kegel Balls may help you regain pelvic floor strength and tone for a faster recovery from Childbirth. Kegel Balls may act as a preventative measure to avoid UI altogether.
*There are 2 different weights/sizes to choose from: 32g (Single) and 52.5g exerciser (Double) ideal for taking the beginner to moderate and from moderate to more challenging advanced pelvic floor workout.

BONUS: FREE eBook full of useful expert tips. Click the Add to Cart Button now.

  • Is slight Bladder Leakage affecting your Intimate Life? Your Happiness?
  • Combine Pleasure, Health and Fitness with Ben Wa Balls for Women. Numerous Benefits! Improve your Vaginal Tightness and Tone to enhance your Sex Life, for Bladder Control, plus Pelvic Health and all round General Wellness.
  • Ben Wa or Kegel Balls Weighted to Provide Resistance to Build a Healthy Pelvic floor strength gradually and efficiently. Excellent Preparation for and Recovery from Child-birth. Ideal for the prevention of Urinary Incontinence - UI
  • Vibe42 Luxury Ben Wa Kegel Exercise Balls are Silent, Super Comfortable, Discreet and Body Safe. Made from Highest Medical Grade Silicone, Phlalate Free, Latex Free, BPA Free, Dioxon Free, Hygienic and 100% Waterproof. Seamless - You can expect Effortless Cleaning!
  • Set of 2 different weights to graduate through the levels of resistance: 30mm / 32g - Beginner Single Kegel - and 34mm / 52.5g - Moderate to Advanced Double Kegel - including Retraction Leash for safe insertion and removal. FREE eBook and Hygiene Pouch is Included with your Purchase.

Price: $ 49.99

Kegel Glass Ben Wa Balls Glass with Silky, Top-quality Silicone That Are Sized and Weighted Perfectly for Beginners!

Climax Kegels Ben Wa Balls with Silicone Strap

  • Glass with silky, top-quality silicone that are sized and weighted perfectly for beginners
  • Body friendly, extremely user friendly and the balls silicone strap makes insertion and removal easy.
  • Newcomers to this type of pelvic strengthening tool should start off with the set as is, but as experience graduates, the smooth glass spheres can be removed and used one at a time or together.
  • Completely hypoallergenic and absolutely hygienic, the Balls can be bleached or boiled for total sterilization.Velvety storage bag included.
  • Ships fast and discreet! Note: some items ship in bulk, sealed, clear bags.

List Price: $ 25.00
Price: $ 8.04

Pelvic Trainer Ben Wa Balls 3/4"

Get two steel Kegel balls, nestled in a fitted burgundy case, topped with a delicate bow. This small burgundy box contains everything you need to tone, tighten, and enhance your pc muschles and provide extra pleasure. The small balls slip easily inside, and the weight of the steel provides the resistance needed to obtain all the benefits this ancient and time-tested practice has to offer. Measurements: Ball measures 0.85 inches in diameter. Material: Steel. Color: Silver

  • Stainless steel balls
  • Offers resistance training for PC muscle exercises
  • Comes in an attractive fitted box

Price: $ 5.99

Weighted Waterproof Vibrating Nen-wa Pleasure Balls - Kegel Balls

Silver vibrating pleasure balls provide ultimate arousal. Pleasure anytime, anyplace.

  • Perfectly weighted waterproof vibrating pleasure balls
  • 4 speed vibration
  • Pleasure anytime, any place!
  • 2 AA batteries (Not Included)
  • Ships fast and discreet! Note: some items ship in bulk, sealed, clear bags.

Price: $ 12.99

Silver Stringed Goddess Ben Wa Kegel Balls as used in Fifty Shades with pouch

These silver stringed balls are plastic Duotone Ben Wa balls. Each ball has a ball inside which gyrates with body motion and creates mild internal sensation. Excellent model to use for Kegel exercises. Directions included. These large plastic balls are 1.25 inches in diameter with string for easy removal. Balls come packaged in matching silver storage pouch, with product directions. Great for beginners to advanced users. Your Inner Goddess will thank you! For health reasons, this item is not returnable.

  • Silver Duotone Ben Wa Kegel Balls with string
  • Includes product directions
  • With matching silver storage bag
  • Duotone balls create internal motion
  • Large duotone plastic rocker balls each 1.25 inches

Price: $ 24.99

Kegel Exerciser for Women Beinners with String Silver Black Duo Tone Ben Wa Balls Shades of Grey +0.65 Oz Lubricant

have 2 items:
•Silver colored balls are 1 3/8" in diameter and total length of 9.5" including nylon string
•Each Ben Wa ball contains 2 inner balls that offer stimulating vibrations while in use.
•Made of high Quality ABS Plastic
•Very easy to clean! Top rack dishwasher safe..
These premium quality ben wa balls are made with high quality materiall giving them a superior smooth finish. They are made from high Quality ABS, so that you will get many years of use without needing a replacement and are easily cleaned by using soap and water, alcohol, or even boiling the balls. They are perfect for kegel exercises in order to strengthen the pelvic floor which will induce vaginal tightening and improve sexual performance or incontinence issues you may have.
Inserting and removing is easy as both beads have a smooth exterior and are connected to each other by a sturdy nylon string. The secret to these beads comes after you insert them, as you will start to feel vibrations when you move around. These vibrations are caused by the two additional balls located inside each of the purple balls. When you move, you will cause the balls to roll around, creating tantalizing vibrations.
How To use:
Sitting: Sit down on a chair and insert the Ben Wa Balls into your vagina. Close your legs after the balls are in your vagina. Use your vagina muscle to move the ball back and forth inside your vagina.
Standing: Stand up and spread your feet to shoulder width. Insert the Ben Wa Balls and hold it in your vagina as long as your can.
Squatting: This is the hardest exercise with Ben Wa Balls. Spread your feet as much as you can. Without using any other muscle, use your vaginal muscle to move the Ben Wa Balls inside your Vagina

  • Kegel Exerciser for Women Beinners with String Silver Black Duo Tone Ben Wa Balls Shades of Grey +0.65 Oz Lubricant

Price: $ 7.56

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