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Anal Douche and Enema System by Healthy Vibes (10 oz, Black) - Deluxe Home Enema for Anal or Vaginal Douching Aids in Hygiene - Simple to Use, Safe and Easy to Clean - Made of Silicone and ABS Plastic

Make In-Home Douching Easy and Comfortable!With the increasing popularity of anal sex, a lot of couples are curious to try it for
themselves. But whether you're new to anal play or you've been enjoying it for years,
proper hygiene is important to ensure safety and comfort.The Anal Douche and Enema System from Healthy Vibes makes preparing for anal or
vaginal intercourse quick and simple! It effectively removes any left behind waste and can
minimize the feeling of needing to use that bathroom during anal sex. Our high quality kit is
completely safe and brings great results in the comfort of your own home.Our enema is composed of two parts: The first is a flexible, 4.75" deep-clean nozzle that's
easy to insert and comfortable to remove. The second is a 10 oz (5" tall) flat-bottomed bulb
that was specially designed to resist tipping over. Simply fill the bulb your desired fluid,
insert the valve, and slowly press the bulb to release the liquid. When you're finished, the
parts detach for a quick cleanup in warm, soapy water.Healthy Vibes provides you with great results and trusted quality! Latex and phthalate free,
our enemas are made of durable silicone and ABS plastic and are compatible with all types
of liquids.Why Choose Our Enema Set?- Keep intercourse hygienic
- Deep-clean nozzle
- Simple cleanup
- Compatible with all types of liquid
- Made of high quality materials
Our Customer Service Team is Ready to Handle Your Questions!*Supply is limited. Order today to ensure availability.Order Your Enema Kit Now and Keep Anal Play Clean!

  • Hygienic Intercourse: Whether you're planning on vaginal or anal sex, enemas promote cleanliness and help prevent the feeling of having to use the bathroom during intercourse. Douching with water and soap reduces waste and gives each partner a fun, hygienic time!
  • Deep-Clean Valve: With a nozzle measuring 4.75," our kit makes performing an enema at home effective and comfortable! The large 10 oz base (5" tall) features a flat bottom, ensuring that you can use it wherever you prefer without the risk of tipping it over.
  • Easy to Clean: Once you're finished with your enema procedure, our two-piece design makes cleanup a breeze! Simply detach the nozzle from the bulb, clean each unit with soap and warm water, and allow to dry for a confident clean each time you use it.
  • Premium Quality: We always put your safety first! Our douches are latex and phthalate free and are crafted from silicone and ABS plastic. They're compatible with all types of liquids, so you can use the enema with lemon juice, tea, or whatever fluid you prefer.
  • Trusted Brand: The Healthy Vibes team wants to help you let loose and enjoy all of the pleasures your body has to offer! Feel free to contact our customer service representatives if you have any questions. And don't worry, we always deliver our products discretely!

Price: $ 12.25

Lynk Pleasure Products Water Based Natural Intimate Anal Lubricant for Men and Women 8 Oz - Paraben & Glycerin Free Backdoor Comfort Lube - Zero Numbing Affects

Lynk Pleasure Products

Natural Water Based Anal Lubricant


8 Fl. Oz

Simply the best lubricant for anal and back door pleasure

Specially formulated personal and intimate lubricant designed for anal sex but great for all intimate experiences

Made from the highest quality water based ingredients


•Paraben and Glycerin Free

•Long lasting formula

•Never gets sticky or tacky

•Easy to clean and will never stain

•Easy to use pump top for even dispensing

•Latex and condom safe

•Great for use with any and all sex toys

•Thick liquid consistency for added comfort

•No harsh chemicals added

•No numbing agents added

•Extremely soft and slippery!

If you want the assurance that
you are buying the #1 anal lubricant on the market, then this one will definitely fit your needs!

  • Specially formulated anal lubricant designed to maximize pleasure during anal intercourse
  • Silky smooth texture is slightly thinker than started lubricant to add comfort and addition padding for back door play
  • Long lasting formula can be reactivated during use with a drop of water or spit - Designed to mimic the body's natural lubricant
  • Easy clean up and never staining - Ideal for use during any type of sex and foreplay including vaginal or anal
  • Paraben and Glycerin Free - Latex, condom, and sex toy friendly - No harsh chemicals added

Price: $ 9.99

Healthy Vibes Anal Lubricant Water Based 8 Oz - All Natural Anal Relaxing Lube for Men and Women - 100% Natural - Zero Numbing Ingredients - Intimate Lubricant for Couples

Healthy Vibes® :sexuality, Simplified

All Natural Water Based Anal Lubricant for Men and Women

Designed to provide additional padding and relaxation during anal sex


Enjoy pleasureful and comfortable anal sex


Paraben FREE!
Lidocaine FREE!
Benzocaine FREE!

Long lasting formula

Never gets sticky or tacky

Will not stain clothes or sheets

Smooth to the touch

Safe to use with any condoms and sex toys!

Made in the USA

Odorless and Flavorless

Healthy Vibes All Natural Anal Relaxing lubricant is the end all to back door pleasure. This anal lubricant is made with only the highest quality all natural ingredients available. Containing no numbing agents, this anal lube will relax your sphincter allowing for easier and more comfortable penetration. You still want to feel the pleasure right?! Do not worry about masking any pain, using this sexual lubricant you will know what feels good and not. Take you sexual appetite to a new level and enjoy! What are you waiting for, scroll up now and press the buy button!

  • ALL NATURAL SEX LUBE Is made with the highest quality body safe natural ingredients - Great for both men and women
  • ANAL LUBRICANT made as a thicker gel for additional padding and comfort during anal sex
  • SEXUAL LUBRICANT CONTAINS ZERO NUMBING Ingredients so you still feel the pleasure with out the pain
  • ANAL RELAXING is designed to be slightly warming and relaxes the anal region for easy and more comfortable penetration
  • INTIMATE LUBRICANT IS paraben free, benzocaine free, lidocaine free for a completely healthy sexual experience

Price: $ 13.99

Personal Water-Based Lubricant and Moisturizer by Healthy Vibes - Smooth, Silky and Long Lasting Texture - Won't Stain, Safe to Use with Condoms and Sex Toys - Sugar and Paraben Free, Odorless (8 oz)

A Smooth Lube without the Sticky Residue!Thanks to its ability to minimize discomfort and reduce the chance of condom breakage, a
good lubricant is a must-have for anyone who's sexually active. But after only a few
minutes of use, many lubes can become dry and need to be reapplied.Set the fun in motion with the Personal Lubricant from Healthy Vibes! Our water-based
formula has a silky smooth consistency that helps make initial penetration easy and
comfortable. It was specially designed to remain slick over an extended period of time,
preventing the tackiness that's so common with other lubes.You can use it with either condoms or your favorite sex toy, and never have to worry about it
staining your sheets or clothing! When fun time is over, it cleans easily with soap and water.
But what really makes this a unique lube is that it stimulates your body's moisture
production. It can help relieve vaginal dryness and discomfort, and is great for post-
menopausal women looking for supple skin.Made in the USA and free of any sugar, sulfates, or parabens, Healthy Vibes brings you a
quality lube you can count on! It's safe for users of all skin types, is odorless and flavorless,
and was made without animal testing.Why Choose Our Personal Lubricant?- Smooth, long lasting formula
- Safe for use with toys and condoms
- Helps hydrate the skin
- Made in the USA
- Sulfate and paraben free
Our Customer Service Team is Ready to Handle Your Questions!*Supply is limited. Order today to ensure availability.Order Your Lubricant Now and Get the Fun Going!

  • Long Lasting Formula: Whether you're going solo or having some fun with your partner, our water-based lube lasts the whole night! The slick texture keeps everything moving smoothly without ever becoming sticky or dry for comfort that lasts as long as you do.
  • Total Versatility: Safe to use with both condoms and sex toys, this is the best lubricant to always have on hand! It won't stain sheets or clothing and washes out easily with simple soap and warm water, allowing you to fearlessly break it out whenever the mood strikes.
  • Hydrates Skin: In addition to unbeatable lubrication, our special blend actually helps the body produce its own hydration. It's great for relieving vaginal dryness or discomfort and is ideal for post-menopausal women. You skin will feel moisturized and soft to the touch!
  • Made in the USA: To make this truly the best lube available, we brought premium quality ingredients together with practical functionality! Our body safe formula is sugar, paraben, and sulfate free, odorless and flavorless, and was crafted without any animal testing.
  • Popular Brand: From our lubricants to our toys, no one knows sex better than Healthy Vibes! We're ready to answer any questions you might have about our products. And don't worry, your order will arrive in a plain, unmarked box for your complete privacy.

Price: $ 10.15

Intimate Silicone Lubricant By Luxxx Beauty 8 Oz - Premium Personal Sexual Lubricant by Women for Women - Latex Safe - Paraben Free & Glycerin Free, Silky Smooth Lube for Vaginal & Anal Sex - USA Made

Luxxx Beauty Sensual Beauty, Refined

Personal & Intimate Silicone Lubricant

By Women for Women (but safe and enjoyable for men too!)

8 Fl Oz

Latex and Condom Friendly

Great for use on all non silicone sex toys

Even great sexual experiences can be better! Increase the love wile reducing the friction.

Designed to enhance sexual stimulation in women by creating a slick barrier and aids in the natural production of your body's lubricant

Made from the highest quality ingredients available. Made in the USA!

•Designed for the most sensitive and intimate areas
•Hypoallergenic and completely non toxic
•Enhances foreplay and all sexual experiences
•Slick and luxurious lubricant is safe to use daily
•Promotes women's health
•Stimulant free
•Easy to Use and convenient pump bottle
•Discreet and sexy packaging
•Clear & odorless gel - Paraben Free, Glycerin Free, Sugar Free, Sulfate Free, & non toxic
•Simple and easy to clean - will never stain
•Waterproof for sexual pleasure in all environments

If you want the assurance that you are buying the #1 best silicone lube for women, then Luxxx Beauty Intimate Silicone Lubricant will definitely fit your needs!

What are you waiting for?
Just Scroll Up, Click Add To Cart And Get The Best Lube In Existence!

  • Luxxx Beauty Silicone Intimate Lubricant is simply the best sexual lubricant available for women. This premium lubricant is designed by women for women's sensitive needs so it is very light and smooth to the touch. Men can and should use Luxxx Beauty Lubricant as well for all sexual pleasure.
  • Our luxurious lubricant is not only great for all sexual fantasies it is equally as great when used as a vaginal moisturizer. Helps relieve painful and irritating vaginal dryness. Luxxx Beauty Premium Lube is made from the highest grade ingredients and is an FDA Approved 510(k) formula.
  • Enjoy peace of mind with our silky smooth and slick formula which is non toxic, paraben & glycerin free amd also free of any dyes, fragrances, allergens, as well as any other harsh chemicals you would not want in your body. Pre and Post Menopausal Women will enjoy the satisfying lube. Great for pregnancy as well.
  • You can use Luxxx Beauty Intimate Lubricant with all of your favorite latex products including condoms as our unique and premium formula is compatible and completely safe to use with. Enjoy all of your favorite non silicone sex toys with this lube, do not use on silicone xxx toys.
  • Discrete Packaging: We at Luxxx Beauty like to keep sex fun, safe, and wildly enjoyable! But we also like to maintain your privacy. When we ship our vibrators, xxx toys, lubricants, or any other products, we package them in unmarked boxes for total discretion.

Price: $ 17.95

ZIOOER Fetish Bondage Thighs Restraint Sling Black

Package: 1* Kit

  • Choose the best way to show your endless love.
  • The excitng love you never experienced.
  • Turn your bed into a bondage place.
  • Do not hesitate to enjoy the beautiful love.

Price: $ 23.99

California Exotics Anal EZE Cream, 1.5 Ounce

Enhance the pleasure of anal intercourse with desensitizing lubrication. The anal eze high potency formula eliminates any discomfort and provides the ultimate in anal sex satisfaction. Smooth and slick this unscented medium strength gel is a must have personal lubricant for couples who want a pleasurable adult experience. Bulk weight: 1.8(oz) / 0.06(kg desensitizing gel, unscented.

  • The anal eze high potency formula eliminates any discomfort
  • Provides the ultimate in anal sex satisfaction
  • Smooth and slick

List Price: $ 9.22
Price: $ 2.47

ZIOOER Fetish Couple Collection Bed Restraints Bondage Love, Black

Package: 1* Kit

  • Choose the best way to show your endless love.
  • The excitng love you never experienced.
  • Turn your bed into a bondage place.
  • Do not hesitate to enjoy the beautiful love.
  • Package: 1* Kit

Price: $ 35.99

Silicone Based Intimate Lubricant (8 Fl Oz) By Healthy Vibes - Premium Sexual Lubricant for Men and Women - Latex Safe - Paraben Free & Glycerin Free - Platinum Lube Great for Anal and Vaginal Sex

Healthy Vibes® :sexuality, Simplified

Black Label Silicone Based Intimate and Sexual Lubricant for Men and Women

Designed to provide additional lubrication and increase your body's natural production lubrication

Remove any unwanted friction in bed, enjoy better sexual experiences

FDA Approved formula

Relieve vaginal dryness - great for post menopausal and pregnant women


Paraben Free - Glycerin Free - Hypoallergenic!

Long lasting formula

Never gets sticky or tacky

Will not stain clothes or sheets

Smooth to the touch

Safe to use with any latex, condoms, and non silicone sex toys!

Sugar free

Sulfate free

No Animal Testing

Made in the USA
Odorless and Flavorless

Healthy Vibes Premium Silicone based personal lubricant is designed for all intimate experiences. Our premium lubricant is made with only the highest quality body friendly ingredients. Absolutely no parabens or other harsh chemicals are added. Designed for use on even the most sensitive skin. You can enjoy Healthy Vibes sexual lubricant with any non silicone sex toys and is safe to use with all latex and condoms. This lubricant has the long lasting slickness of silicone but with out the sticky mess. Healthy Vibes silicone based lubricant has no taste and no scent. Can be enjoyed by everybody with all skin types. Ideal for vaginal dryness or any other discomfort.

  • Premium high grade silicone based lube will never get sticky or tacky
  • Platinum silicone lube formula is silky smooth and long lasting
  • Highest grade ingredients are designed to be water resistant for any intimate experience
  • Latex and condom compatible - FDA approved 510(k) formula is 100% body safe
  • Paraben free - glycerin free - fragrance free - hypoallergenic - great for vaginal dryness - post menopause and post pregnancy

Price: $ 15.99

Shibari Intimate Lubricant - Water Based 8oz Bottle

This water-based formula is designed for womens soft skin. Clean and non-staining. Shibari Personal lubricant comes in a handy 8 fl.oz bottle.

  • This water-based formula is designed for womens soft skin
  • Clean and non-staining

Price: $ 10.04

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