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Nasstoys Anal Vibrator, Ese, 0.5 Ounce

Glycerin-based and designed to desensitize the area where it applied the china anal balm cream comes in an easy-to-apply 0.5 ounce tube. To use apply a small amount of the balm to the anal area before beginning any play. After that wait a few minutes before penetration to let the cream become effective. Once you've waited you can now enjoy anal play pain-free.

  • Phthalate free
  • Easy-to-apply 0.5 ounce tube
  • Once you've waited you can now enjoy anal play pain-free

List Price: $ 9.37
Price: $ 3.69

AnE Toys Best Natural Nipple Cupping and Clitoris Suction for Flat and Inverted Nipples and for Increased Sensation and Enlargement & Enhancer (Enhancement) - For a Firmer, Perkier, Larger Nipples (With Free Gifts)

All A&E Toys are tested and quality assured. Only authentic A&E Toys products sold through A&E (AnE) are covered by a one year warranty and customer service. Enjoy powerful suction with this AnE Toys set of demurely sized suction cylinders. Just apply to any area that would benefit from increased sensitivity and blood flow, no pumps or accessories needed. These self-contained suction devices work with any hand pump (not included). This product is compatible with AnE Toys Breast enhancement suction pumps. These suckers can be taken and used practically anywhere for on the go stimulation. It has a strong seal that makes for sublimely powerful suction. Unlike other models, it has a quick release knob that when pulled, it quickly releases suction and can be removed. Measurements: Opening is 0.75 inches in diameter, tube is 2.35 long and entire item is 4 inches long. For better suction use a little lotion on the suction area prior to use. The skin must be smooth and hair free for ultimate suction. A FREE A&E Toys storage bag and cleaning cloth included.

  • (Pump Not Included-Reuquired to use these) Compatiable with AnE Toys Breast Enchancement Pump
  • Simple and Quick Release Pull Buttons. Firmer and Perkier Nipples or Clit
  • For best resuly: area must be hair free. Use a little personal lubricant or creame (eternally only) around the cupping or direct on skin on the area you want to use this cupping; Hold tight against skin and with other hand gently begining to pump until you rea a comfortable and desired suction. Please read enclosed instructions with product.
  • LOOKING FOR A BETTER DEAL? Click on AnE Toys from tops and Search for B00OUH6R7Y ...Natural help for flat or inverted nipples
  • Increases pleasurable breast arousal

List Price: $ 29.90
Price: $ 12.90

Personal Lubricant - Do Me - Premium Water-Based Medical Grade Lube for Men, Women and Toys. Do Me for all of Your Natural and Unnatural Acts! (4oz)

A little Do Me goes a long way...
Get ready to do it slick!
Do Me is a water-based medical grade personal lubricant that is formulated to give you the best lubrication you have ever experienced!
Smooth As Can Be
Glide it on in! You won't feel any discomfort when you Do Me. It's all about Pleasure...
Easy to use
The bottle fits in your hand for single-handed action.
Works Everywhere, Every Way
Do Me with any partner, body part, toy, or orifice. The possibilities are wide open!
Do Me is GUARANTEED to Improve Your Sex Life
- Water-based for easy clean-up. Does not stain.
- Easy-to-use Bottle
- Medical Grade
- Paraben Free
- Condom-Friendly
- Made in USA

If Do Me doesn't help give you pleasure like never before, just let us know and we'll refund your purchase 100%. And no, we don't want the used bottle of lube sent back. Ewwww!
Give Do Me a try, and you'll really get your groove on!
So what are you waiting for? Click the "Add to Cart" button to experience pleasure like never before!

  • SUPER EXTRA SLIPPERY Yeah, we got your back!
  • LONG LASTING You'll finish before Do Me...
  • NO TASTE, NO ODOR Only what you are really licking!
  • MEDICAL GRADE Cleaner than you. Dirtiness not included!
  • THE DO ME GUARANTEE If you don't have more pleasure with Do Me personal lubricant, just contact us and we will refund your money without any need to return your opened bottle.

List Price: $ 24.99
Price: $ 12.99

Durex 2 in 1 Massage and Play Intensify-Guarana Water Based Personal Sex Lubricant Size 6.76 Fl Oz

Durex Play 2 in 1, as name suggests has a dual purpose in usage. Firstly it can be used as an aid in giving massages thus resulting in more intensely satisfying massage. Secondly it can be used as a lubricant during intercourse. So how do we use this? When using as a massage aid, apply to the hands and gently move over the various areas of your partner, not forgetting to apply to their genitals should they desire. When used as a lubricant, because it is water based you will be able to apply it to the condom itself, else apply to the male or female genetaliar. Please note you should only use water based lubricants on condoms as oil based can effect the condom, in such a way as it can break it down thus rendering it useless. So water based only when using condoms. Durex Play 2 in 1 also has a slightly sweet taste to it so do not worry should you find you have it in or around your mouth.

  • Durex 2 in 1 Massage and Play Intensify-Guarana Water Based
  • Massage & Play Intensify contains extracts of guarana, a fragrant flower that's native to Brazil and believed to improve mood and physical stamina and make you feel more alert.
  • This luxurious gel glides over the skin to for an exciting, sensual experience.
  • Condition : 100% Brand New, Packaging : 100% Plain packaging, Shipping : 100% secure and safe [Ships from and sold by Blueparrot Shop]
  • Net wt : 6.76 Fl Oz or 200 ml.

Price: $ 5.99

Tlc Liquid Sex G-spot Cream for Her, 2 Oz. (56 G) Tube

Liquid Sex G-Spot Cream for Her, 2 oz. (56 g) Tube

  • 2 oz. (56 g) tube; Increases sensitivity of the G-Spot
  • Moisturizes delicate skin
  • Cream-based formula
  • Easy open flip top cap

List Price: $ 13.20
Price: $ 3.79

Up! - Back It Up Water-based Anal Gel, White

Up! - back it up water-based anal gel

  • Up!'s the first and last word for a memorable experience!
  • Desensitizing gel enhances anal play
  • Fragrance-free, sugar-free, and ph balanced gel
  • 100% vegan, no animal testing
  • Sensually enhanced with pomegranate and acai

List Price: $ 13.99
Price: $ 4.41

Doc Johnson Goodhead To Go Deep Throat Spray, Sweet Strawberry

Take the job out of blow job. For her, no gags, no discomfort. For him, a mind-blowing deep throat experience.

  • Mild Numbing Agent
  • Oral Desensitizer
  • Easy-To-Use Spray Application

List Price: $ 9.66
Price: $ 2.24

Tlc Glo-glo A Go-go Water Based Lubricant, 1.5 oz.

TLC Glo-Glo a Go-Go Water Based Lubricant, 1.5 oz.

  • 1.5 oz. tube (44 ml)
  • Slick, slippery, water-based lubricant
  • Perfect to use on all kinds of sex toy materials
  • Made in USA

List Price: $ 4.00
Price: $ 4.99

Spanked by My Gyno Doctor 1: A Medical Humiliating First Time Menage (Punished and Spread)

“Ms. Harris thinks it’s acceptable to climax on my fingers,” he said. “Perhaps a hard spanking will convince her otherwise.”

Jaime's never been to the gyno doctor. She panics thinking about anything medical. And she doesn’t want embarrassing confirmation of her total lack of experience. She refuses to go but her best friend Tina won't take no for an answer. Tina swears it's no big deal. She tells Jaime she'll go with her. She'll hold her hand if she tries to run. She'll hold her hair if she has to puke. Whatever it takes.

Jaime tries to be a good patient, but Tina’s version of help doesn’t make it easy. When Dr. Malone’s demeanor turns severe, she fears humiliating punishment. Worse yet, she’s terrified she may end up liking it.

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