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Body Action Products Xtreme, 4.8 Fluid Ounce

Body Action Extreme Glide Lubricant is a 100% silicone-based, concentrated moisturizer for exceptional personal lubrication. Formulated for the individual who wants the extreme lubricant that is never sticky or tacky and stays slippery even under water.

  • Latex condom compatible and sex toy friendly with most materials.
  • Silicone based, long lasting waterproof personal moisturizer
  • Also works as a therapeutic massage oil

List Price: $ 17.80
Price: $ 6.98

Tinder Temptations - Volume 3: (A First Time Lesbian Menage New Adult Contemporary Romance)

This the third installment of the Tinder Temptation series. This series explores encounters from people meeting on Tinder that have no limits and no boundaries.Follow Ashleigh as she explores a new dark and kinky side of herself. One that she had never thought she was capable of.

In the final installment, Ashleigh is shocked to discover that woman she met from Tinder is connected to the other love of her life. A love triangle forms between the three. They have a passion and hunger for each other that can't be contained.


Tinder Temptations - Volume 1: (A Steamy First Time Lesbian Bisexual Romance Menage FFM)

This is part one in the Tinder Temptation series. This series explores encounters from people meeting on Tinder that have no limits and no boundaries.Follow Ashleigh as she explores a new dark and kinky side of herself. One that she had never thought she was capable of.

This is a hot and steamy short (over 6000 words) It is action packed with hot, kinky, and erotic sex between a younger and older woman. It contains multiple orgasms, female ejaculation, fisting, cunnilingus, and things so hot I can't even mention them here.

Ashleigh is a successful single woman traveling on business. The hardest part of always traveling for her is being in the lonely hotel room at night. She has also been single for almost a year and is starting to crave the touch of another person.

Following the advice of a few friends, she downloads the dating app, Tinder, to her phone. She is very intrigued by the possibility of meeting someone nearby. She is very surprised to see a beautiful and sexy woman show up in her Tinder results. She is even more surprised by the fact this woman looks almost exactly like a person from her past. Victoria reminds her of her old sorority sister Sara. Sara was the only woman she had ever been with. Thinking of her brought back feelings and desires that Ashleigh was dying to unleash.

Just about when Ashleigh's desire and passion were about to explode, she receives a message from Victoria. After chatting a bit, she invites Victoria over. Ashleigh couldn't imagine in her wildest dreams what was in store for her. She will experience things and performs acts that she never would have ever thought she was mentally or physically able to.


6 Packs Alpha Man Extreme 3000 Male Sexual Enhancement 7 Days

Take one Alpha Man Extreme one hour before sexual activity.

  • Fast Acting,Long Lasting,No Headache,Increase Size,Maximize Climax,Natural Formula,Improved Stamina.
  • Take one Alpha Man Extreme one hour before sexual activity.

Price: $ 85.00

The Big Book Making a Living as the Holiday Whore

Meet Mae living the high life in a tropical getaway, she is spending her days filled with sun on exotic sandy beaches many of us spend all year saving to visit for just a few weeks - if were lucky. She is a high class escort and these are some of her more memorable clients that surprised and pleasured her with passionate touches that can be rough, weird and sad, but never dull. A job that is type cast as dangerous has some of the greatest rewards...read on, do you have what it takes?.

This life isn't for everyone but the adventure and eroticism beats any other job.


Frisky Tickler Heart Shape ( 3 Pack )

Frisky Tickler 7 functions of vibration, 2 different patterns to choose: Heart Shape Pink, Black Leopard Stripe. Each sold separately. Frisky Tickler comes with an ergonomically shaped attached power supply plus a small bullet vibrator. A soft stimulating tickler sleeve adds a variety of excitement. Japanese extreme toys. Frisky Tickler Heart Shape Pink from Great Kingland GK Exotic Novelties. ( 3 Pack )

  • Frisky Tickler Heart Shape ( 3 Pack )

Price: $ 41.95

Letters to Penthouse xxx: Extreme Sex, Maximum Pleasure (v. 30)

Welcome to a milestone in the Penthouse revolution. And "XXX" marks the spot. The thirtieth volume of this bestselling series features special letters handpicked for their extremely sensual, provocative power. You'll cheer a football coach with a secret weapon to motivate his team-his sexy wife. You'll get down with a hunky rock musician who'll perform a dirty duet with his best friend's girl. You'll peek in on a husband eager to boost his wife's self-esteem...with the help of two virile strangers. From wedding halls to frat houses, campgrounds to rock bars, truck stops to strip clubs, you can share in these ultimate escapades. There's nothing more hardcore than XXX!

  • Brand New

List Price: $ 8.00
Price: $ 2.76

Belladonnas Lil Banger (Purple)

Belladonna is famous for her love of a good hard banging. No flowers and butterflies for this starlet, oh no. She wants her toys big, powerful and extreme.

  • Belladonnas Lil Banger (Purple)

Price: $ 69.99

Slicked Pole: Extreme Play (Quickie)

An invitation and a proposition can sometimes seem like one and the same. For Arabelle, an erotic dancer, this chance to taste of something exciting and new isn't to be passed by. When she discovers that her sensual pursuer is another woman will she continue forward and discover what's in store? Or will she be too nervous and afraid to push her limits?


The small chain on the cuffs jingled when she picked them up, almost like jewelry. With a deep breath, she clasped one bracelet around her wrist and then turned, facing the pole—another deep breath—and then reached out, looping the chain around the pole and locking her other wrist in place.

It would be funny—being chained to the hard shaft that paid her bills—if her heart wasn't trying to escape her chest.

Swallowing down nerves, she knelt slowly to the floor—the metal of the cuffs scraping down the pole as she went.


Supre Tan Extreme Ultra Dark Natural Bronzer 250ml

Ultra Dark Natural Bronzer Take a tanning trip through intense golden color with Extreme Bronze. Not for the timid tanners, this insanely dark Natural Bronzing formula combines Golden Honey, Mango and Papaya Extracts for severe moisture and skin nutrients while leaving rich dark golden color that is beyond extreme. Potent MagnaColor Tanning Technology helps accelerate and amplify the skin's natural Melanin production, taking your tan to its deepest darkest level...Powerful natural bronzers blend allows skin to further darken after UV exposure for a smoother, longer lasting tan..Golden Honey, Mango and Papaya Extracts infuse skin with intense moisture - leaving it feeling hydrated..Exclusive lightweight Silicone blend leaves skin feeling silky, smooth and soft..Paraben Free

  • Ultra Dark Natural Bronzer

List Price: $ 30.00
Price: $ 4.25

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