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Agony to Ecstasy: Make your Own Sex Toys (Sex Toys, Dark, Punishment, Bondage, Slave, Fantasy) (Kink on a Budget Book 3)

What you will find here is a one of a kind guide on how to put your sex life on steroids, and become irreplaceable for your lover! This is not Christian Grey and Fifty Shades of Grey style of kink. This is Morticia Addams, Gomez and Uncle Fester screaming orgasms and neighbor disturbing sounds of pain and pleasure, transmuting agony to ecstasy sort of kink

Kink on a Budget Part III -Agony To Ecstasy- offers 21 proven and tested kinky DIY sex toy ideas that you can easily make, most of them at a budget of 10-15$ or less. Also, it includes 11 items you can purchase from your home improvement store and ways to use them in your sexual adventures.

Most of these sexually stimulating activities are unknown to many people. With every toy comes a short description, easy and clear language, and specific safety measures to achieve the best possible experience with your open minded partner. Kink on a Budget shows couples everywhere how to bring more passion into their marriages and finally begin to enjoy the ‘whips and chains’ that excite them.


Enchanting Sexy Lingerie Chain Set - BabyLovest Enticing Sexy Fullness Body Link Chain Silver Tassel Body Harness Metal Chain Sex toys Extreme Flirt Adult Sex Tools Light your Sexual Life

Body Link Chain
Nylon and Spandex.High Quality,Soft and Strech,won't be tight
Package:1x Sex Body chain
Make you attractive to your lover,and spicing up your sex life

  • Body Link Chain
  • Nylon and Spandex.High Quality,Soft and Strech,won't be tight
  • Package:1x Sex Body chain
  • Make you attractive to your lover,and spicing up your sex life

Price: $ 13.99

LifeJoy Black Easy Access Faux Leather Thighs Hands Restraint Sling Bound Bondage Unisex Spreader for Fetish Extreme Fun Sex Lover SM Game

Enjoy it, have fun.
Package include:1 x PU Leather Sling

  • This Sling is perfect for traveling, or for places that cannot fit a full sling or suspension.
  • Simply twist both hands behind the back and tight them hard, then slip the thighs through the adjustable padded loops (33" max).
  • The sling get connected to the front o-rings and keeps the legs open wide for lusty accessibility.
  • Made of high quality faux leather, this sling can hold up to rough play and extended wear. It has two O-ring at the back of the hands brace to attach wrist restraints for more bondage control.
  • The leg straps each have adjustable steel buckles.

Price: $ 13.44

Brutally Gaped: Extreme Play BDSM

This story is filled with extremes that burn the envelope.

Bravely, hot and vivacious Mia seeks out a nameless Dom who's willing to give her what she truly needs: a gape so beautiful it'll make angels weep. Will she be able to even handle all of the hardcore, teeth-clacking, rough and extreme attention he has to give?


Punishment at Twisted Ranch: An Erotic BDSM Story (Twisted Ranch Series Book 5)

“'No, we’ll be punished…'
My mouth says no, but my hands tangle in her hair, grinding my hips against her skillful tongue."

Ava and Beth plan a spa night and sleepover while their husbands are away from Twisted Ranch to attend a conference, but a power outage during a thunderstorm leads to the women into temptation.

When the men return unexpectedly, Ava and Beth know punishment will be severe. Twisted Ranch is an exclusive BDSM enclave and disobedience is not taken lightly.

If they can endure their punishment, all will be forgiven, but their husbands aren't going to let them off easy. The women know they are in for a rough night in Twisted Ranch's Punishment Room.
This book is part of a series following Ava as she explores her submissive desires in the fictional BDSM enclave Twisted Ranch, but each story stands alone with no cliffhangers.


EROTICA: GANG ROMANCE SHORT SEX STORIES EROTIC BUNDLE (Rough Cuckolding Husband Cuckquean Hotwife Taken Collection Box Set): Many Men One Woman Menage ... xxx xx Sharing Wife Stuffing Book 1)


Doug absolutely loves his wife and he's will to do anything for her. She becomes thirty-eight in two weeks and decide to open up to her husband and tell him, her one dirty hidden fantasy that she'd love to experience for her birthday. Doug is in shock at what she requests, he stutters asking her,

"How many men?"

She repeats, "EIGHT!"

OMG! Can she ever? To fulfill her dark desires rules has to be laid down and Doug has to swallow his ego to watch the domination. Will he be able to cope with watching everything take place right before his eyes? Then comes Isabel's most PREPOSTEROUS request of all . . . What the hell?! Find out what now! You'll be surprised by how ambitious and hot it is!

Free Bonus Stories Included in this download


CLICK the Look-inside to read an excerpt of this story.

This book contains adult themes, harsh language, and sexual content not intended for under eighteen.


LifeJoy Extreme Best Sex! Unisex! Easy Access ! Doggy Style ! Bend Over Restraint/ Spreader/ Bondage Fetish ~ SM193 Shipped in Discrete Package , NO Invoices Included

Easy to use, adjustable cuffs restrain wrists and ankles simultaneously. Great beginner experience. Nylon with velcro closure

  • Easy to use
  • Great beginner experience
  • Nylon with velcro closure
  • Discrete package

Price: $ 6.29

Hard Thick Throbbing Shemale: (Shemale-On-Female First Time Extreme Size Expansion)

Amy is a hot shemale that has pleasured herself over the years. Due to her hormones, she decided to take some pills that made the SURPRISE BETWEEN HER LEGS HARDER AND THICKER THAN EVER. Unfortunately, she stays HARD WITHOUT RELEASE even with the help of THICK AND POWERFUL TOYS and requests the aid of her SEXY AND HANDY MAID. The two WORK HER THICKNESS with hands as well as FILLING UP THE MAID, finally causing an EXPLOSIVE RELEASE that quickly FLOWS INTO HER IN MANY WAYS.

This 5200 word erotica short contains Shemale on Female, Maid, Masturbation, Toys, Oral, Riding.


Fishnet Thigh High with 3 inch Stretch Lace Top

Color: Clear
Height: 17.000
Length: 5.500
Diameter: 3.500
There's a reason this penis enlarger pump is 12" in length - when you start using it, you'll need room to grow! Increase your sexual confidence and impress your lover with a bigger cock. No more looking in the mirror wishing for something more - get it now! This hands-free pump is easy to use, thanks to the stimulating vibration pouch that strategically slides around your dick for maximum enhancement. Includes three interchangeable sleeves.

  • Hands-free vibration
  • 12"/30 cm oversized clear cylinder with 2.5"/6 cm diameter and 3 interchangeable sleeves
  • Precision measurement pump creates a superb vacuum seal
  • Powerful, removable stimulator and convenient latex pouch may be strategically placed in any position
  • Superior suction bulb with quick release valve

Price: $ 3.45

Premium Silicone Personal Lubricant DO ME SILLY - Extreme Lubrication - FDA Certified Medical Grade (4oz)

THE SLICKEST WAY TO IMPROVE YOUR BEDROOM LIFE A little Do Me Silly goes a long way... Get ready for a wet experience! Do Me Silly is a silicone-based personal lubricant formulated to give you the very best lubrication you have ever experienced! Smooth As Can Be
Glide it on in! You won't feel any discomfort when you Do Me Silly. It's Pure Non-friction... Easy to use
The bottle fits in your hand for single-handed silicone lube action. Works Everywhere, Every Way
Use Do Me Silly lube alone or with any partner, body part, toy or orifice. The possibilities are wide open! Do Me Silly is GUARANTEED to Improve Your Bedroom Life
- Silicone-based lube for the longest lasting lubrication possible.
- Easy-to-use bottle
- FDA Certified Medical Grade and Hypoallergenic
- Certified Kosher....No matter what you use it for!
- Paraben Free
- Latex-Friendly
- Made in USA
If Do Me Silly doesn't help give you pleasure like never before, just let us know and we'll refund your purchase 100%. And no, we don't want the used bottle of lube returned to us. Give Do Me Silly a try, and you'll really get your groove on! So what are you waiting for? Click the "Add to Cart" button to experience slick pleasure like never before!

  • SUPER EXTRA SLIPPERY Yeah, we got your back!
  • LONG LASTING You'll finish before Do Me Silly...
  • NO TASTE, NO ODOR Doesn't add any flavors...
  • MEDICAL GRADE LUBE Whether you play doctor with it or not.
  • THE DO ME GUARANTEE If you don't have more pleasure with Do Me Silly Silicone Personal Lubricant, just contact us and we will refund your money without any need to return your opened bottle.

Price: $ 19.99

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