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EROTICA:STORIES FROM A XXX DIRTY CALL-GIRL (Naughty Filthy Romance Sex Books Bundle for Men): Gang Fantasy Toys (Short Fast Nasty Quickies Collection) (Steamy Erotic Novellas Series Book 1)

PLEASE NOTE- These are hot truncated tales from a caller girl’s experience via telephone


All these stories are very short, spicy and raw. They are unfiltered, undiluted, very fast paced and get directly to the hot scenes pretty quickly. They're mostly written to talk to the reader as the call girl actually did with her clients. Please be aware that some of the outrageous stories or fantasies are less than 500 words while a few are more than 2,000 hot-dripping experiences waiting for you to devour them up. These are quick bedtime reads with a lot of red hot flavor GUARANTEED to get the juices going. If you like hot hard unfiltered stuff then please skip ahead into these dirty Bonuses. ENJOY!



Brutally Gaped: Extreme Play BDSM

This story is filled with extremes that burn the envelope.

Bravely, hot and vivacious Mia seeks out a nameless Dom who's willing to give her what she truly needs: a gape so beautiful it'll make angels weep. Will she be able to even handle all of the hardcore, teeth-clacking, rough and extreme attention he has to give?


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Letters to Penthouse xxx: Extreme Sex, Maximum Pleasure (v. 30)

Welcome to a milestone in the Penthouse revolution. And "XXX" marks the spot. The thirtieth volume of this bestselling series features special letters handpicked for their extremely sensual, provocative power. You'll cheer a football coach with a secret weapon to motivate his team-his sexy wife. You'll get down with a hunky rock musician who'll perform a dirty duet with his best friend's girl. You'll peek in on a husband eager to boost his wife's self-esteem...with the help of two virile strangers. From wedding halls to frat houses, campgrounds to rock bars, truck stops to strip clubs, you can share in these ultimate escapades. There's nothing more hardcore than XXX!

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Silicone Sex Doll Sex Toy Part Lifelike Realistic Mature,Small (16.5*15*8.5) Incarnadine

Made from realistic TPR, she feels just like the real thing. Expertly designed for extreme realism, the 3D front and back design allows for realistic firmness in strategic spots. Butt and vagina love tunnels give you amazing friction for outstanding pleasure.

UsageTips:1.When you receive the doll, you will find some white powder on the top layer, which is baby powder that the factory use to protect the dolls,it is not the quality problems .Just help her take a shower ,but do not use alcohol,84 or other dettol disinfectant.No problem if you use regular soap.

2. Please lubricate it with lube before use to reinforce sexual pleasure and protect colloid.

3.Please wash it with fresh water after use and then wipe it clean and save it carefully for later using (this step is more critical, directly related to her service life.)

  • Doll Size: 16.5*15*8.5 CM
  • Realistic Lifesize Sex doll,made of ISHOP-Tech newest medical grade silica gel,100% phthalate-free.
  • Package condition is private & discreet. It is also easy to wash,carry and store. Take him home , SLIP IN BETWEEN a pair of large and full breasts while stroking until climax
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Fine Wine: Extreme Play

Sherry, bold and beautiful, has developed a unique and intense connection with her Master. Their nights together begin with the tradition of a gift in a box and quickly escalate to new, tantalizing heights. Only, on this particular evening Sherry discovers that her Master's gift is so extreme it will be quite the formidable challenge. In order to go beyond her limits and reach new heights, Sherry must give in, relax, and let Sir show that he is truly the master of her body.


Bite the Pillow: Extreme Play

This hot toy story is filled with extremes

When foreign exchange student, Handel, comes to live in Kirsten's home things get wild. Blinded to distraction with his suave appeal, Kirsten ultimately has to take matters into her own hands. When a sizable glass toy at the adult novelty shop catches her attention, she finds she has a deep and hardcore passion for all things big and extreme. What happens when Handel stumbles on Kirsten's not-so-little secret? Will he offer a helping hand so she can find her body's limits and work past them?


Premium Silicone Personal Lubricant DO ME SILLY with Extreme Lubrication - FDA Certified Medical Grade (4oz)

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EROTICA:BDSM ROMANCE ALPHA MAN BILLIONAIRE DOMINATION MENAGE BUNDLE (Short MC Bdsmerotica Erotic Sex Stories Books): Rough Males Foursome Master S&M Collection ... Bondageromance Dom Sub Series 3 4 Book 2)


These Billionaires Alphas Bad Boys, Bikers and even Dominant Women are spoiled into getting what they want, claiming their lusts, getting what they crave, their rough and dark romance, their desire to command, to control, extremely, to bound, to rule, to own you. Will their lusts ever obey?

These twisted badasses may choose to share their lust. Caught between two billionaires, surrendering to three, all at once, so much pleasure awaits you inside. Come on in.

***Special Introductory Price Short Time Only!***

This 23 books bundle deal has fully completed standalone stories, no cliffhangers PLUS 3 FREE Stories.

CLICK the Look-inside to see list of all 23 stories and read an excerpt, right away. ENJOY!

This book is contains adult themes and strong sexual content not intended for under eighteen.


Meili Faux Leather Full Gimp Hood Mask Padded Locking Eyes Blindfold Bondage (IO-B)¡­

Meili makes the best of products for your intimate health and well being. Our products are hygienic on shipment and sent out in frustration free packaging, causing less waste and easy open. Use the bed restraints to keep your partner constrained and ready for action. Great for partners, solo, beginners, and experts alike. The restraints will keep your partner waiting for more.

  • One size fits most
  • Extreme Deprivation
  • Faux Leather padded hood full mask
  • Excellent sensory deprivation item
  • Lockable Neck Strap

Price: $ 35.90

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